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Running an arts organisation is no easy feat. The investment you put into promoting your artists, organising exhibitions, hiring curators, joining art fairs, etc., can be huge. Minimise your risks and costs arising from disputes. Know your options if something goes wrong.

Protect your interests with a contract for each artist covering your rights, what you do for them, and how you share profits.
Museum Employees

What they say:

Thanks to ArtLegally, we were able to quickly and accurately produce agreement terms with our main sponsor.
The team truly understood how local art organisations work, and were able to incorporate terms that not only reflect our needs but also what our sponsor would find reasonable.
They handled our situation with approachability, competency and professionalism. I would definitely recommend ArtLegally's services to other art organisations. Thank you for a job well done!
Kaya Lo

Festival Manager



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Art Museum
Art Fairs
Secure contract terms with business partners and sponsors with professional negotiation and drafting assistance.
Have legal terms in place for every stakeholder involved in the collection and exhibition of any artwork.
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Equip your organisation with a clear policy for participants of your art programs, events and workshops.
Foundations & Institutions
Production Companies
Secure the legal rights to your creations, and minimise the risk of misuse by your staff and crew members.
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